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Country Music History

Posted by Muhammad Jibril on Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

Country music is a mixture of elements of American music derived from southern United States, exactly in the Appalachians. This music is born from the North American folk songs with a mixture of Celtic music, gospel music, and began to be heard in the 1920s.Country music itself is actually replacing the term hillbilly music began to be used around the 1940's. This was done to eliminate slums and low impression of hillbilly music. In the 1970s, the term country music has become a popular term. Many names are given as a country and western, but this name has been lost except in the UK and Ireland
The spread of this music in the 19th century, initiated by a group of immigrants in the United States from Europe, particularly Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and Italy moved to Texas. Groups of various nationalities are interacting with the Spanish, the Mexican-American, Native American States, the United States and settlers who had already been settled in Texas. As a result, in Texas growing culture with unique characteristics stemming from the country of origin of settler culture
Cowboy (cattle herders) is diidentitaskan with Country music. This music was born in a country recording violin John Carson's game with the title records "Little Log Cabin in the Lane" by Okeh Records in 1923. Next was born the next recordings with the same genre by Columbia in 1924 "Old Familiar Tunes". Previous steel guitar entered country in 1922, where Jimmie Tarlton met with Hawaiian guitarist Frank Ferera on the west coast of America.
Starting in 1927, for 17 years Carters recorded more than 300 old-time ballads, traditional songs, country songs, etc.. Later in the 1930s and 1940s cowboy song become popular in all Hollywood films. And in 1939, Boogie-woogie rhythms become famous.The other type of music coutry one of them wearing only a guitar, bass, Dobro or steel guitar (and later drums) became popular among middle-class white people down in the southern United States. The rhythm of which later called the Honky Tonk is from Texas.Definition of rhythm in pusisikan Honky Tonk when it reads "a little from here, a little from there, a little black, little white ... pretty hard so you do not much think about it and immediately order a whiskey." Al Dexter from the East Texas scored a hit song "Honky Tonk Blues ", and several years later with" Pistol Packin 'Mama "(Mr. D)

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