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Mozilla Firefox History

Posted by Muhammad Jibril on Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

Mozilla Firefox (originally named Phoenix and then for a time known as Mozilla Firebird) is a cross-platform web browser for free which was developed by the Mozilla Foundation and hundreds of volunteers. Prior to its release of version 1.0 on 9 November 2004, Firefox has gained a very good reception from the media, including Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. With over 5 million downloads in the first 12 days of its release, and six million to 24 November 2004, Firefox 1.0 is one of the free software, open-source (open-source) is the most widely used among home users.

Through Firefox, the Mozilla Foundation aims to develop a small web browser, fast, simple, and so can be developed (separate from the Mozilla Suite is greater). Firefox has become a major focus along with the development of Mozilla Thunderbird clientMozilla, and has replaced the Mozilla Suite as the Mozilla Foundation's official browser release. e-mail 

Among the popular features of Firefox is blocking pop-ups are already installed in it, and a development mechanism (extension) to add additional functionality. Although these features are already available for some time in the browser-browserbrowser first gain acceptance in this magnitude. Firefox is targeted to earn about 10% market share from Microsoft Internet Explorer (the most popular browser with a large margin (per 2004) until 2005, which has been called by many as the year the return of the "browser wars".   
Firefox has gained attention as an alternative to Internet Explorer since the Explorer has been criticized for alleged ketidakamanannya-party in favor of this assumption says Explorer does not follow Web standards, using the ActiveX components that are often dangerous, and the weakness of the installation of spyware and malware, and the lack of features Firefox users are considered important. Microsoft itself has responded that they did not consider if the issues of security and features of Explorer to worry about.

Mozilla Firefox is now up to version 3.7. In this version, Mozilla has a bug (weakness) that will "crash" if you open a web page (Web page) is very large and have JavaScript, but this has been this version of Mozilla Firefox 3.7 has undergone many improvements. in fact, the main competitor is the web browser Internet Explorer (IE) has started losing its users and move to the mozilla browser.

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